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Social Responsibility Course (English)

Excuse me? What did you say? Social Responsibility?

What a strange name! And yes, we fully agree with that. What should be a training Social Responsibility be about? We prefer calling it the training Social Safety, but that will confuse the examination body. In conclusion, we stick to Social Responsibility, but we mean Social Safety. Are you still with us? It is not a big deal.

The training Social Responsibility teaches you how to create a safe as possible environment for you, your colleagues and your guests. We will provide you with background knowledge about alcohol, drugs and gambling. Interesting, we hear you think! Do you also receive a try-out package? No, you don’t! This knowledge is necessary to understand where certain risk behaviour comes from. Risk behaviour is not only showed by people when under influence, sometimes one word can be enough to trigger certain behaviour.

When creating a safe as possible environment it is not only about dealing with people, but also with rules, like the Alcohol Act, layout requirements, fire safety and technical provisions. And by the way, you are obligated to meet the Social Responsibility requirements if you serve and/or sell alcohol.

Start now and ensure that your business can guarantee the safety for your guests and employees and, meet at the same time the legal obligations and prevent receiving fines. You do not need any preliminary training. If you like to come to one of our locations, you are more than welcome, we provide a training-day from 9 AM tot 5:45 PM, including the official SVH exam. Do you prefer learning the theory at your own pace, than we have an online training for you. In that case we plan an SVH exam separately.

What do you need to know about this training?

For whom and admission requirements

Entrepreneurs, managers and employees working in the Hospitality Industry and off-licenses. Administrators, employees and volunteers in (sports)canteens, clubs, community centres or institutions. You do not need any preliminary training.


The exam can be scheduled after the training, you need to chat with us for that or send an e-mail

Training duration

One day from 9 AM to 5:45 PM and no worries, there will be sufficient food and beverages available during the day.

What will you learn during the training?

The following topics will be addressed during the training:

  • Dealing with guests
  • Business formula
  • Hospitality formula
  • Alcohol Act (former Licensing and Catering Act)
  • Rule Enforcement
  • Dealing with intimidations, aggression and violence
  • Discussion models
  • Alcohol policy, drugs policy and gambling policy
  • Layout requirements and provisions
  • Safety in a hospitality establishment

Frequently asked questions

Do I, myself, need to apply for the exam?

After the day-training in classroom or the online training the exam needs to be scheduled after that, you can chat with us or send as an e-mail.

How many questions has the SVH exam Social Responsibility and how many mistakes am I allowed to make?

The SVH exam Social Responsibility consists of 40 questions. You are allowed to make 11 mistakes, if you make 11 mistakes or less you pass the exam.

Do I, as entrepreneur/owner of the business, also need to meet the Social Responsibility requirement, or is it sufficient if my manager has the diploma?

Yes, as entrepreneur/owner you must meet the Social Responsibility obligation. Everyone who is named on the permit, must have the Social Responsibility diploma. Even if the person on the permit is not working in the business.

Is it possible to follow two trainings at the same time?

 Yes, that is possible. You can do as many as you want at the same time, but maybe it is easier to do 1 training at the same time.