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Mentor in the Hospitality Industry Course (English)

Seeing people growing. Being part of the road of a talent who is developing him/herself. Getting someone enthusiastic. Allow dreams to become true. All kind of things which you can do as a Mentor in the Hospitality Industry. But, do you speak the language of your student? Do you know how to move your student? Nowadays, we expect so much more of a mentor than just transferring knowledge. From our point of view, it makes it so much more special to be a mentor.

In our training Mentor in the Hospitality Industry we challenge you and we prepare you to guide a student from A to Z. Attention deserves attention, because everything that you give attention will grow, but the attention needs to hit the right spot. So, there is nothing more important than transferring knowledge correctly and speaking the language of the one who you would like to help in his/her career.

Together we need to create the future and you can make a difference as a mentor. Follow now the training Mentor in the Hospitality Industry and ensure that you can give your talents the opportunity to become professionals. A good mentor is the future of (y)our business. To become and stay an acknowledged training company, you need to have at least one certified mentor working for you.

What do you need to know about this training?

For whom and admission requirements

There is no preliminary training required. To become a mentor, practice is key! You need to get a feeling for it, and need to practice and practice and practice, that’s why we do not offer this course 100% online. Of course, we can help you with the theory part via E-learning.


The SVH exam Mentor in the Hospitality Industry exists of 3 parts: portfolio, theory, which are various multiple-choice questions, and a practice exam Coaching & Guiding. No worries, we prepare you as best as possible before you take part in any examination.

Training duration

The training is three full days from 9 AM to 5 PM. There is a distance of 2 weeks between every training-day. Meanwhile, you need to finish your portfolio.

What will you learn during the training?

The following topics will be addressed during the training:

As a mentor you are irreplaceable for the development of (young) employees in the Hospitality Industry. With the SVH training Mentor in the Hospitality Industry you pass on your craftmanship to new employees. After this training you have a good understanding of the following work processes and you can implement them in practice:

  • Recruiting and selecting new employees (in training)
  • Introducing and training your employees (in training)
  • Developing yourself
  • Assessing your employees (in training)
  • Guiding your employees (in training)
  • Discussing and determining the guidance program

Frequently asked questions

What is the added value of the SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry diploma?

With your SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry diploma you possess all theoretic knowledge and practical skills to guide, asses and train employees within a training company. You know how to recruit, select, introduce and train new employees. You know how to motivate your employees to continue developing themselves. Also, you master the conversations about the guiding and educational program.

I have passed one part of the exam before, what should I do now?

If you pass one part of the exams, you will receive an SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry certificate. When you pass all three parts of the exam, you will receive automatically the SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry diploma. The SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry certificate is valid for 24 months, from the date mentioned on the certificate. This means, you need to obtain the other SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry certificates within 24 months in order to receive your SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry diploma. If your SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry certificate is not valid anymore, you have to do your exam again.