How hygienical do you actually work?

Hygiene Code HACCP E-learning

Did you know, it is more hygienic to take the toilet seat with you into the kitchen than your mobile phone?

During our HACCP training we learn you everything you should know about working food-safe and how you must meet all the requirements related to hygiene, and yes that is more than just washing your hands after going to the bathroom! Preparing a cup of soup might sound easy, and maybe it is for you, but even in this preparation there are 160 critical points which can go wrong.

It is for you as a hospitality hero obligated to work according to the Hygiene Code. With our training we teach you how to deal with the Hygiene Code and we prepare you for a possible inspection of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. We can do this in one day at a location close by you or from the screen. Online or offline, it does not matter for us. Our professors, our E-learning and our HACCP Manual are available.

The motivation to work food-safe must not be because it is necessary, but because you truly want to do everything you can to prevent your guests from getting sick. In the end, the human is de weakest link in working food-safe.

We offer the training Hygiene Code HACCP via E-learning. Would you like to hit two targets with one shot? Then we recommend you to do the training HACCP–Allergens. This training is available online. With the additional knowledge about allergens, you are able to make your food-safety-plan.


What do you need to know about this training?

For whom

Everyone working with food and beverages in the hospitality industry. Do not only think about the professional but also the volunteers in canteens, at clubs and/or community centres. There is no preliminary training required.


You will always finish the E-learning with an exam. If you get a positive result, you are ready to work according to the obligated Hygiene Code and you will receive the Classmate certificate.

Training duration

You set your own pace and you decide when you would like to do the exam. We do not put any pressure on you, but we are there if you need us.

What will you learn during the training?

The following topics will be addressed during the training:

  • Hygiene code and legislation
  • Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
  • Company policy
  • Layout of business spaces
  • Purchasing goods
  • Storing products
  • Preparing food and beverages
  • Presenting food and beverages
  • HACCP registration forms
  • Temperature control
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • Contamination
  • Food waste
  • Pest control


During the E-learning Hygiene Code HACCP you learn how to deal with perishable food and beverages and how to implement the obligated Hygiene Code for the hospitality industry in practice.

Frequently asked questions

Is the training Social Responsibility the same as the training Hygiene Code HACCP?

No, Social Responsibility is about dealing with people in a healthy (social) way. You will learn for example how to tell a drunk guest in a respectful way that he/she really cannot order more alcohol. The training Hygiene Code HACCP teaches you how to implement the Hygiene Code in practice, or in other words how you can organize an optimal food-hygiene.

If you only serve a sandwich with ham and cheese or bitterballen, are you still obligated to work according to the Hygiene Code?

Yes, you are. If you work with perishable food and beverages, you need to work according to the Hygiene Code. Also, beer is a perishable beverage.

Do I need to do an exam after the training Hygiene Code HACCP?

At the end of training you will get a (digital) exam. If you pass the exam, you receive a proof of participation from Classmate. You can show this certificate to the inspector if you have an inspection from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. However, it remains your own responsibility to implement the knowledge from the training correctly in practice.